The Amphibious Nummo

The Master Of Speech

The Nummo
(Also Pronounced Nommo)

In The Master Of Speech, Shannon Dorey describes the appearance of the alien Nummo who were thought to have originally come from the Sirius star system. The descriptions presented in the book were based on information presented by the Dogon elder, OgotemmÍli. After they left Earth, Dorey believes the Nummo went to the Pleiades and it was from there that they returned a second time to Earth. Both star systems play a significant role in the mythology.

OgotemmÍli described the Nummo as being amphibious and self fertilizing. They were green, serpent, lizard and fish like beings who were more comfortable in water than on land. They had red eyes and sharp pointed teeth. They were also described as being like chameleons, with some having casques and other horns.

Dorey believed that these unusual descriptions were one of the most significant aspects of this mythology. She felt that if the Nummo had been created from the imagination, these beings would have been more human like in appearance. It was the fact the Nummo were described as being so different physically from humans that reinforced their authenticity.

Dorey thinks this was the main reason why the existence of these beings has been historically denied. The Nummo's physical characteristics were what humans would normally associate with an inferior species. The fact OgotemmÍli talked about these snake, lizard and fish like Nummo as being more superior to humans must have seemed unthinkable in 1946.

It is probable however that any alien being that visited Earth would be very different from animals that have evolved on this planet. According to scientists like Carl Sagan, alien creatures would probably not look anything like us because creatures generally evolve in relation to their own planet's environment. Sagan wrote in Cosmos that the possibility of finding intelligent life on another planet was probable but that the possibility of finding aliens who were like us was not.

In the mythology the androgynous Nummo were identified as being female because their androgynous appearance tended to appear more feminine than masculine. They were identified with the goddess in world mythology and were symbolized by the sun. Because they were also self fertilizing, they were identified as being virgin goddesses.

The virgin goddess was a notable theme in Greek mythology and the virgin birth can be attributed to both the self-fertilizing Nummo and their ability to perform biological engineering. They were identified with Athena in Greek mythology and Neith and Isis in Egyptian mythology. In the Mayan and Aztec cultures they were identified with the sacred serpent.

It was from descriptions given by OgotemmÍli that the true physical and spiritual makeup of these beings came alive. In the book, Dorey shows pictures of ancient Ubaid artifacts that depicted the Nummo as they were described by OgotemmÍli. These statues date from 4500 BCE. and were uncovered in southern Iraq from the ancient village of Ur. Follow the link if you would like to purchase, The Master Of Speech. If you would like to contact the author, email or go here if you would like to read a sample chapter.

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